Sansepolcro (IT) - Utrecht (NL) : 1400 km

Dit is de actie van Andrea Leandri
van totaal € 10.000 (1%)

When my son was born he was quickly taken away from us and brought into intensive care in the WKZ where he spent almost two months and undergone two heart surgeries. Thanks to the WKZ cardiology division I was given the chance to get to know him and see him grow.


He's 7 now and healthy.


I have done and can do too little on my own to pay them back. I am engaging everybody in my network to help me raise a fund which will be entirely donated to the WKZ and to support their cause of helping children of any age have a chance at life like you and me.

I will cycle in May/June from Sansepolcro, a town in Italy situated at the border of Tuscany and Umbria, where my parents were born and live to where i currently live with my family in the Netherlands, Utrecht, covering approximately 1400 kms in two weeks time on my own.



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